"Helping Men Be Better Men"
Deemed Illegal
by Charles Kim
Post Los Angeles Reporter
September 3, 2008
Is P.F. Jones?
A ninth-circuit federal court judge ruled Thursday in favor of an injunction forcing Jones Media Group to cease and desist any and all publication of Alpha men's magazine.
Alpha launched in 2003 to compete with Maxim and FHM magazines.
Its slogan, "Helpling men be better men," didn't make its content completely clear.
Alpha's slogan should have been, "answers to stuff guys actually wonder about."
"That's dangerous, immoral and encourages criminal behavior," said Judge Harold Dremen in his ruling.
"They're prohibiting free speech. It's prior restraint, pure and simple," said Alpha editor Rick Hoines.
"I don't think telling guys how to roofie girls and cheat on their taxes counts as 'free speech'," said Judge Dremen.
Lou Dobbs described the publication as "tasteless and criminal" on his nightly show.
"And apparently their columnist, 'Larry the Science Dude,' tells people how to make chloroform and crystal meth. How can we allow our kids to get their hands on this in America?"
In three states, prosecuters have succeeded in convicting defendants for first-degree murder, rather than manslaughter, for having read the Alpha article "How to Kill in a Barfight."
Homeland Security joined the injunction when they found an November 2007 issue with the article "Small Bombs, Big Bangs" in a
terror suspect's apartment.
"It showed complete schematics on how to make pipebombs and letterbombs," said Special Agent Bruce Denkins.
Hoines denies that the article was dangerous.
"We always leave out one part," said Hoines. "You know- like McGuyver."
"The only thing they ever left out was gasoline, and they eluded to being able to buy it at Shell and JP."
Special Agent Denkins thinks the world will be a better place without Alpha magazine.
"A lot of guys would like to know how to build a nuclear bomb," said Denkins, "but that doesn't mean we should tell them."

Alpha articles
have been widely
criticized as
immoral and illegal



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