But I'm
No Townie

by Derek Waitlin
Post Kent Contributor
May 16, 2010

I just want to say, I've lived in Kent for the past 22 years, but that doesn't make me a townie.
I may have moved here as a freshman in 1988, but this is the semester I finally graduate.
I can feel it.
Of course I still consider myself a student.
So what if I haven't set foot in a classroom in eight years.
I still go here.
I'm just trying to get the most out my college experience.
Besides- I've got this town on lock-down.
The eight hours a week I work at McDonalds allows me to eat free any time I want.
I get to fill up my gas tank for free at the Clark I work at six hours a week.
I also grab packs of cigarettes from the station to trade at Starbucks and Taco Bell.
I've even been working the door at the Loft.
I could be bartending within six months.
You know what that means- free drinks AND untraceable income!
I've created a lifestyle that allows me to thrive while only working 20 - 30 hours a week.
Which is good.
I need all that time to evolve as a human being.
I've been taking guitar lessons. I think I might start a band this year.
I've got to finish my screenplay, of course.
I've also been thinking of starting my own company. I'd be like a consultant, but for life decisions, you know?
Because I've got, like, really good ideas, but nothing to do with them.
And I've got hook-ups for anything you could want.
My dude gets crazy shit!
Yep- I'm on top of the world.
So what if I don't have health insurance or a retirement plan.
So what if my only possessions are 17 seasons of the Simpsons and a 1978 Impala station wagon.
And so what if, due to misunderstandings with MBNA and the U.S. Department of Education, I'm unable to maintain a permenant address or phone number.
It doesn't matter.
That'll all change when I get my English degree.
Then I'll move to the big city and get a job as a high-paid professional doing... something.
I can do that.
Because I'm no fucking townie.

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