by Chuck Simpson
Post Kent Reader
December 25, 2009

Wow- really?
No, no- it's great.
You shouldn't have.
Thanks for the great Christmas sweater.
On Christmas.
I'll try it on later.
Okay, okay- I'll try it on now.
Yeah, that looks great.
And it hardly itches at all.
Of course I'll wear it today, instead of that outfit that would have brought me dignity.
Santa's downsy-looking smile makes mine look good by comparison.
And the snowmen on the back don't at all look like they're mocking me with their laughter.
You're right- I do have something to wear next Christmas.
I'm sure I'll want to wear it the other 364 days a year.
And thanks for including a copy of Glenn Beck's The Christmas Sweater. That was very clever.
This is great.
It's almost as great as the Christmas hand towels you gave me last Christmas.
Or the Christmas mugs the year before that.
Don't worry- I'm sure it's not flamable like the Christmas doilies were.
And I would never be able to lose it as easily as the reindeer antler winter cap.
So, if you don't mind, I'm going to go show it off to all of my friends.
I'm just going to put it in this plastic garbage bag for safe keeping.

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