CORRECTION: Local Weatherman Stormy
Johnson Died from Complications of Diabetes,
Not Autoerotic Asphyxiation. Sorry.

  by Thoroughgood Killjoy
Editor in Chief
September 5, 2013


On behalf of the Gazette staff, I would like to apologize for our mischaracterization of local ABS weatherman Stormy Johnson's death Tuesday night.
Johnson passed due to complications of type 2 diabetes, a condition he had lived with for at least three years.
He did not accidentally take his own life during an act of autoerotic asphyxiation.
Our reports from Tuesday night that Johnson was found in a Hideaway Motel room wearing a Captain America mask, with a bull whip wrapped around his neck and midget porn on the TV were thoroughly incorrect.
Again, sorry.
I don't know how such a miscommunication could have occurred.
Someone said it came from a Facebook comment, while a copyeditor said she heard it from the coroner's sister.
Regardless, we should have vetted the story better before we posted it.
I usually take full responsibility for my staff's conduct.
In this case, however, I squarely put the blame on the fast pace of internet journalism.
We may not have gotten all of the facts straight, but that's just because we couldn't let the Herald scoop us on a story involving our own sister affiliate.
Back in the day, this type of thing would have been caught long before the morning edition went to press.
But still- our bad.
All apologies to Johnson's wife, Sarah, and their four children.


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