Zuckerberg Freezes Thousands of Cinema Owners' Facebook Profiles, Bank Accounts
by Cynthia Figgler
Post Cleveland
October 4, 2010

Thousands of American movie theater owners and managers lost access to their accounts on Facebook.com this weekend.
Coincidentally, it was the same weekend "The Social Network" opened, a film said to paint Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in a negative light.
"We're sure it's just a glitch," said Zuckerberg.
"Bullshit!" responded Vic Daniels, owner of Great Lakes Atlas Cinema in Mentor.
"I got an annonymous email Thursday saying I'd better not screen the Facebook movie or else." said Daniels.
The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) recieved thousands of similar stories, many worse than just losing their ability to social network.
"My bank account and credit cards were frozen," said Hal Newton, assistant manager of the Cinemark 10 in Willoughby Hills.
Hundreds of others have had their credit ratings trashed.
Some were even scarier.
"The car wash tried to kill me!" claimed projectionist Philip Neuls.
"Ridiculous," responded Zuckerberg.
"We're not going to be bullied by these cyber geeks," said Dainels.
The F.B.I. cyber crimes division, however, appears unwilling to take up the case and risk Zuckerberg's wrath.
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