Will Someone Fuck
My Roommate,

by Michelle Donaldson
Post Kent Reader

This is a college town, right?
It should be full of horny guys, right?
Will one of them fuck my roommate already?
She's really nice.
And kind of cute.
Sure, she's a little chubby.
But she takes the garbage out.
And she always does the dishes.
The problem is she sits in our little apartment every night and never goes out.
Every time my boyfriend and I have sex, I know she's on the other side of a very thin wall, probably listening.
I think she's starting to get bitter, though she'd never admit it.
She's been this way since our dorm days.
At least we don't share a bunk anymore.
That was really awkward.
Everything would be better if she was getting some herself.
It would be great if she had a boyfriend to have sex with.
It'd be even better if he had his own place she could crash at.
Then I could be loud without worrying about it.
Shit- even a booty call might be enough to loosen her up.
So, to the men of Kent- come get a piece of my roommate!
She'd make a great training girlfriend for you shy guys out their, too.
Hell, if you're a lesbian and you think you can convert her, have a crack at it.
Maybe that's just what she needs.
So long as she's not imbedded into our couch another Saturday night.

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