Local Racist Considers Seeing
the New Black Karate Kid
Is P.F. Jones? sf by Steve Floyd
Post Kent Reporter
June 7, 2010

A self-proclaimed racist let several patrons and employees of a local coffee shop know that he may be willing to see the newest Karate Kid film, despite having an African-American in the lead role.
Harold Wilmington, 44, spent nearly an hour in Starbucks on East Main Street making people uncomfortable with racist comments.
He was, however, optimistic about the upcoming remake starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.
"I normally don't go for anything to do with the darkies," said Wilmington, currently unemployed, to a line full of people.
He added that he is usually opposed to the remakes and ethnic refurbishments Hollywood has offered in recent years.
"I had girls try to take me to see the black Can't Buy Me Love or the Mexican Dirty Dancing," said Wilmington, "but I was like, 'Hell no.'"
Wilmington had surprisingly positive things to say about Smith's parents, calling Will Smith one of the "good ones" and Jada Pinkett a "fine piece" who might have the power to make him break his "white trim only" rule.
He said he wasn't even turned off by Jaden's corn-rows, which is usually a "dealbreaker."
Wilmington also told a table of exchange students that he had appreciated Chan's comedic skills since Cannonball Run II, but wondered why he had yet to "learn to talk right."
"Of course I was offended," said Julie Harper, Starbucks barista. "But I was more worried about him offending other customers. Every time the door opened, I was afraid it was going to be a bla- er, African-American."
Harper said they were about to ask Wilmington to leave when he got up and excused himself.
"Later, everybody!"
He indicated that he'd probably be at the Plaza Theater on Kid's opening day and back at Starbucks by the weekend.
"I like to go where we're all on the same page," said Wilmington, "if you know what I mean."


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