Perry Nuclear Power Plant ‘Pretty
Much Defenseless to Terrorist Attack,’
Careless Administrators Admit
  by Daniel Randolph
Post Cleveland Reporter
August 16, 2013


The Perry Nuclear Power Plant is extremely susceptible to terrorist attacks, careless administrators and employees admitted Friday.
“Oh, someone could totally blow this place up,” said Walter Vessler, plant safety inspector.
“It’s practically a ticking nuclear time bomb.”
Other loose-lipped employees voiced similar concerns about the FirstEnergy facility’s safety.
“A saboteur, whether he be foreign or domestic, could easily infiltrate the hole in the northeast corner of the perimeter fence,” said Sarah Kim, who works in the cafeteria.
“Or just pay to take the guided tour.”
Many at the plant lacked faith in their security force.
“Both Frank and Jim sleep on the job,” said Vessler, “so if we’re attacked on Tuesday, Thursday or the weekend, we’re screwed.”
Even FirstEnergy spokeswoman Jennifer Young admitted terrorists could seize the plant if they really wanted to.
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” said Young. “We’ve spent millions to secure our nuclear generating facilities since 9/11, but even steel-re-enforced concrete can’t stop blind determination.”


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