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by Thoroughgood Killjoy
editor-in-chief, Morning Star Gazette

The Morning Star Gazette was founded here in Scranton, PA, by Henry J. Preston in 1798.
For nearly two centuries, the Gazette stayed in the Preston family while adding papers in 23 more cities.
The Gazette chain joined the Jones family, or Jones Media Group, when P.F. Jones bought it in 1992 and launched The Morning After Post.
While Mr. Jones made Manhattan the flagship of his Morning After chain, he preserved the original Gazette here in Scranton for posterity.
Critics questioned whether the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist-turned-media mogul could really captain a chain of newspapers, a fledgeling television network, ABS, and still launch his proposed 24-hour news network, DNN.
Not only did the Post become the most popular newspaper in America, but JMG became the financial backbone for I.J.I., Jones' international conglomerate, whick has allowed him to venture into the oil, health-care, cell phone, defense and banking industries, as well as inventing time travel.

Is P.F. Jones?

the Gazette has been the voice of the people for over two centuries, safeguarding free speech and ensuring a well-informed citizenry

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