You Should Get
Tested, Michelle

by Wes Paxton
Post Kent Reader
November 12, 2009

I just wanted to let a very special girl named Michelle know she should get tested for any sexually-transmitted diseases she may, or may not, have.
We met Saturday night at Scooner's party and really hit it off.
I think you told me your name was Michelle Donald-something.
I appreciate all the stuff we did, particularly that extra thing you let me do- but you should definitely get tested.
You see, the reason I was so confident at the party was the unbelievable amount of ass I've gotten in the past month.
I mean- girls have just been THROWING themselves at me lately.
I don't know if it's the time of year or my new cordoroy shirt/jacket, but I've had ladies all over me.
And I haven't been tested in a few years.
Thanks for not making me wear a condom. Not every girl has been that considerate.
I'm sorry if this makes things awkward for you.
I know you said you and your boyfriend were on a "break" that week.
He should definitely get tested, too.
I'm sorry I didn't get your number, so I could tell you this in person.
I was concerned about your well-being so I wanted to let you know.
I think you're a great girl, with your low self esteem and issues in all the right places.
Hopefully we'll bump into each other again once everything's been cleared up.
Until then, be well.
I hope you see this, Michelle.
If you know her let her know.
It's the Michelle that lives in Holly Park.
She drives a grey sunfire and has Mediamorphosis in Bowman on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Is P.F. Jones?


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