Colt McCoy Wondering If He Shouldn't
Go Manage the Family Business After All
by Daniel Randolph
Post Cleveland Reporter
August 23, 2010

Daniel "Colt" McCoy, Cleveland Browns' third-round NFL draft pick, is now wondering if he shouldn't reconsider managing his mother's furniture store after all.
"I just don't know about football anymore," said McCoy, who failed to complete a single pass and was sacked twice in Saturday's preseason loss to the St. Louis Rams.
McCoy said he's reconsidering his mother's offer to manage McCoy's Furniture in Tuscola, Texas.
"Maybe I should be selling Lazy Boys," he said sullenly after the game.
"It's about time that boy started thinking about a real career," said Debra McCoy, the rookie's mother.
McCoy once showed great promise as quarterback at the University of Texas.
Then came a series of disappointments, including being passed over for the 2008 Heisman Trophy and being benched in the National Championship game against Alabama State University in 2010.
To make matters worse, McCoy was drafted by the Browns- a team as notorious for shredding rookies' careers as they are for choking in the red zone.
After Saturday's game, it's clear McCoy won't be on the QB depth chart, and he's strongly considering his options.
"Daniel can come back any time he pleases," said Mrs. McCoy.
"And the offer still stands for him to stay in the guest room for free, at first."
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