Akron Mall Owner Expecting
Comeback 'Any Day Now'
  edby Charles Figgler
Post Cleveland Reporter
April 10, 2014


The owner of an abandoned Ohio shopping mall reportedly thinks that businesses and customers will come back "any day now."
"Amateurs don't get it," said Bernie Whichard, owner of Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio.
"Business works in cycles."
He thinks people fled the "mall scene" because it wasn't trendy.
"Malls just haven't been en vogue for a while," Whichard said, "but they're ripe for a comeback."
The 84-year-old businessman hasn't seemed to notice the evisceration of the American middle class, or that people can only afford to shop at Walmart these days.
Rolling Acres Mall, built in 1975, once housed as many as 140 stores. It's last one closed in December. Whichard said he's not phased.
"I'll have a dozen stores, maybe two, in there by Fall. Christmas should be huge."
He said he's not concerned about the dilapidated state of his mall.
"I'll just get some Mexicans to slap a fresh coat of paint on it."
Nor is he concerned by the homeless squatters that have taken over the JC Penny concourse.
"I'll call some exterminators," said Whichard.
"Regardless, this place will be crawling with little girls spending their daddy's money in no time. Just you watch."



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