Macro-Economics Grade Seemed to
Hinge on Jefferson Airplane Question
  by Carson Brady
Kent Contributor
May 15, 2014


What the-
What just happened?
I just took my macro-economics final, and I'm pretty sure I'm fucked.
I was afraid I was going to be unprepared, but... how could I have seen that coming?
The whole thing seemed to center around an essay question on Jefferson Airplane.
What the fuck does that have to do with economics?
I spent the first ten minutes frozen in terror.
Then I scraped together everything I could on Jefferson Airplane.
I knew it became Jeferson Starship, then just Starship.
Part of me wanted to praise "We Built This City," but then I thought the professor might be some kind of purist who hated the later incarnations of the band.
I spent three paragraphs writing about the "White Rabbit" scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
That was all I had.
With a C in the class, I needed a good grade on this final for this to even count toward my degree.
This could totally blow my GPA.
But, thinking about it... it's a miracle I knew most of that, at 23.
How did everyone else do?
What's this insane dickhead up to?
And why Jefferson Airplane?
Why not Pink Floyd? or the Bee Gees? or Abba?
I'm going to have to take macro again.
College is such a racket.


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