Billionaires Offer to Build NBA Team,
Lunar Colony for Lebron James
Trip Safety
ABS Sports Columnist
July 5, 2010

For months, sports commentators and columnists have been pontificating over which city will woo Lebron James into leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers once he's become a free agent- New York, Chicago, maybe even Miami.
They hadn't considered Port of Tranqulity, on the lunar surface- but senile billionaire Warren Buffet has.
"I want LeBron to play for the Tranquility Titans," said Buffet at Monday's press conference.
Buffet, along with investors Sir Richard Branson, T. Boone Pickins and P.F. Jones, has offered to build a lunar colony capable of supporting 30,000 colonists- enough to fill the Titans' arena.
Buffet has acknowledged that the move would require a new, privately-owned space program.
"Yeah, we're almost done with that," said an indignant Sir Branson, "no duh."
While the Titans can only offer James the $95 million NBA salary cap, Buffet has offered James a $5 billion endorsement deal to sell "Moon Blitz" energy drink.
All-in-all, the project is expected to cost upwards of $6 trillion.
Buffet says it's still worth it.
"Just think- LeBron James in 1/6th Earth's gravity," he said.
James is said to be "strongly considering" the offer.
LeBron Decides,
Cleveland Reacts

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