Night Manager at Brand New Hotel Insists It's Been Haunted for 90 Years
  cbby Steve Floyd
Post Kent Reporter
September 24, 2013



Despite all evidence to the contrary, the night manager at the new Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center has been telling guests and local residents that it's been haunted for over 90 years.
"The oldest ones are this family of acrobats who died in a fire in 1922," said Grover Reece, 43. "Sometimes people on the third floor see them crawling across the ceiling."
The fact that the hotel only opened in June of 2013 has not deterred Reece from spreading his version of history.
"Sometimes you'll see people hanging from nooses in the basement," said Reece.
City plans (or the most rudimentary search) reveal there is no basement.
"The ghosts could be anyone," he said.
"Everyone stayed here- Capote, FDR, Truman, Elvis."
Absolutely not.
"The conference room used to be a speakeasy," claimed Reece, "The only way in was through a secret panel in the wall."
Construction records show the conference room's walls were completed in mid-April.
No one can say for certain why Reece spreads such rumors, but the truth may lie in some off-hand comments.
"Seriously, they should get those ghost walk suck- er, enthusiasts to come spend their ghost-watching dollars here."



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