Mr. Hero Just Gonna Go Ahead and Start Bankruptcy Paperwork Now to Save Time


  edby Charles Figgler
Post Cleveland Reporter
January 29, 2013


The founder of the Mr. Hero fast-food chain announced he was going to go ahead and start bankruptcy paperwork now, just to save some time later.
"It really is inevitable," said Robert Coulson, CEO of Mr. Hero's franchising arm, Restaurant Developers Corporation. "I can't see how we've lasted this long."
Most fast-food experts agree that the Ohio-based chain has been on a downward spiral for some time now.
"No one gets excited about greasy food prepared in a rundown stripmall," said David Acreman, author of Become a Fast Food Entrepreneur.
"And it's creepy staring the person cooking your food for four minutes."
Others had simpler opinions.
"Waffle fries suck," said Jenna Wilkenson, 58.
Mr. Hero was the first fast-food chain to take a bold stance against drive-thrus, not wanting to attract the type of customer who might expect convenience.
"The only reason they've lasted this long is that most of the franchises are owned by immigrants who put their whole family to work," admitted Coulson.
"If you're the slightest bit nostalgic about RomanBurgers, get one now, while you still can," said Acreman. "A RomanBurger is 861 calories, by the way."


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