Savatt Found Innocent in Heckler Slaying
Comedian's 'Temporary Sanity' Plea Accepted

cb by Steve Floyd
Post Kent Reporter
May 30, 2011


Comedian Anthony Savatt was cleared of all charges related to the killing of a heckler Monday in a Portage County Municiple Court.
"I have been vindicated!" said Savatt, who hosts the Stone Tavern's Live Comedy every Monday at 8:00.
Savatt had been charged with the second degree murder of Jerry Holstein, 23, an Stone Tavern audience member on May 2.
"He kept heckling all the comedians," recalled Camile Dexter, another audience member. "Finally Savatt just started beating him with the mic stand."
Holstein had also been seen heckling local comedy at the Rathskeller and EuroGyro.
"He probably had it coming," said Jennifer Holstein, Jerry's mother.
"Death was too good for him," said fellow comedian Ben Palmer. "He should have raped him with that mic stand."
Judge Barbara Oswick had first rejected the defense's plea of "justifiable homicide," as Ohio recognizes no such plea.
"When he plead 'temporary sanity,' I knew we were in uncharted teritory, but I also knew it was right," said Oswick, who admits to frequenting the Cleveland Improv.
"Those people need to die."
Savatt was also cleared for aggrivated assult on Shirley Watson, or as he put it, "that ignorant bitch that wouldn't shut up."

'Savatt just
started beating
him with the
mic stand'
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