Reporters Bust
One Another
on Halloween

by Charles Figgler
Post Cleveland Reporter
October 28, 2008
Is P.F. Jones?

Police responded to an altercation in Tremont on Sunday involving two local reporters and a midget porn starlet.
CBS 19 Action News' investigative reporter Carl Monday claims to have been producing a segment entitled "Slutty Tots," exposing irresponsible parents who take their daughters out Trick-or-Treating in inappropriately revealing costumes.
ABS Channel 6 at Six News' Hack Dawson alleges he was producing a special Halloween installment of his "To Catch a Parasite" series, where he was hoping to bust a sexual predator cruising for Trick-or-Treaters.
To that end, Dawson hired Bridget "the Midget" Powerz, famed porn actress and, in Nevada, prostitute, to portray a costumed child.
Chaos ensued when Monday engaged Powerz, who was dressed as a Pretty Princess, and the encounter ended with a "physical scuffle."
"It was intense!" said witness Kimberly Dessler. "I was sure the princess was going to kill Carl Monday, the way she was beating him."
Police were quickly on the scene, but not before both remote camera crews approached and joined in the fight.
Once the parties were separated, both blamed the other for the incident.
"I was hoping to get a few words with the girl before I spoke with her criminally negligent father," said Carl Monday.
"I was hanging back to give the pedophile an opening," claimed Hack Dawson.
Bridget the Midget insists Monday solicited sexual favors from her.
"I did no such thing," said Monday. "I thought she was a child."
"Then why did you pinch my nipple and offer me 50 bucks to get the candy bar out of your pants?" Powerz asked.
"I did not!" Monday yelled.
"And why are you wearing that flasher's trench coat?" asked Dawson.
"It's a duster!"
"This isn't the first time Monday's been accused of such things," said 19 Action News "I-Team" co-worker Tom Meyer. "That's why we keep so many lawyers on retainer."
In the end, police arrested Monday for solicitation, Powerz for prostitution and Dawson, who admitted to employing her, for pimping.

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