Furry Party Takes a Weird Turn

the Old



by Steve Floyd
Post Kent Reporter
October 29, 2010

  by Wes Paxton
Post Kent Contributor
October 29, 2010

Guests of a costume party-turned-orgy on University Drive Friday night all agreed that, at some point, the whole scene got a little weird.
"It wasn't the group sex," said party guest William Beansly, who attended dressed as a chicken.
"That was very organic."
The party's host, Jeff Posner, agreed.
"I hadn't intended on throwing a furry party," said Posner, "but it was cool. Everyone was drunk, in costume, and things got frisky. That's why it's call a party."
While the first half-hour gave way to unbridled lust, the scene soon degenerated into differences over the upcoming election, music


and body type.
"Friends became enemies, enemies became friends," said Beansly, who is still dating a girl he met at the party in an E.T. mask.
Eventually Posner noticed he wasn't surrounded by the friends he had invited.
"They were all party crashers," said Posner. "I realized a bunch of strangers were fucking in my living room."
Posner said he immediately ended the event, though not before there were casualties.
"Who did this to my Teddy Ruxpin!" yelled Posner. "This wasn't a plushie party!"

What the Hell is going on?
Things were going well a minute ago.
I had finally gotten this ogry rolling, but now it's full of undesirables.
Yeah, I'm taking credit for the group sex.
It's true that I didn't host the party.
Nor was I the first one nude- E.T. girl showed her tits first.
But lots of parties have tits!
I was the first guy to pull out his genetalia and not get greated with scorn, but rather, reluctant, giggly felatio.
So, yes, I green-lighted the orgy.
But who's the old guy?
The Mickey Mouse mask isn't distracting awat from the septuagenarian body.
What happened to the hotties that were just here?
Get your hand off my shoulder, Mickey!
I'm not gonna get hard again.
I'm out of here.


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