Escapes from


by Marge Grifton
Morning Star Gazette

A suspect in a 30-year-old murder escaped from Pequam State Mental Institute Monday night.
It is still unknown how the unidentified man, who goes by the alias "Jones," escaped from the supposedly secure facility.
One orderly has confessed to giving him a cell phone.
"He asked if he could see my iPhone and I let him," said orderly Sam Wickman. "I wasn't going to at first, but then I looked into his eyes and- I don't know. I guess I blacked out. When I came to he was gone, with my phone."
The escapee is accused of killng a man with a broken baseball bat outside a St. Louis fairground on June 23, 1978.
"Jones" is a six-foot-two-inch African-American and is considered unstable and dangerous.
He should be reported, NOT confronted, immediately if spotted.

Is P.F. Jones?
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