Man Feeling Great Sense of Accomplishment After Clearing 19% Off DVR
  shellby Cynthia Figgler
Post Cleveland
May 22, 2013


A man in Willoughby told friends and neighbors that he was proud of himself after clearing 19% of the content off his combination DVR/cable box.
“I feel a real sense of accomplishment,” said Alex Palmer, 28.
Palmer was able to erase enough programs to take his DVR list from 62% full all the way down to 43%.
“I had the day off from work so I plowed through all the "Walking Dead" episodes I hadn’t watched yet.”
He also erased a week-and-a-half’s worth of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" without watching them.
“I did watch both "Tosh.0"s, though,” Palmer said.
He hopes to tackle the DVR’s remaining contents this weekend, starting with "Game of Thrones", which he’s thus far neglected this season.
“I also have a bunch of Christmas specials I never watched.”
Palmer is asking that people not reveal any spoilers about the last six episodes of "The Office."
"Seriously- don't be dicks."
He said he'd be pleased just to get the DVR down to a quarter-full.
“I haven’t been this proud since I paid that lady to do my taxes,” said Palmer.


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