I'll Bail You Out After Finals
  by Carson Brady
Kent Contributor
December 13, 2012


Hey there, just got your message.
I'd love to swing by the police station and bail you out, but I'm really busy studying.
I've got my micro-econ final at 2:30, and I have to ace this thing.
Afterward I'm gonna be pretty busy, too.
I've got to take Sarah to the airport around 5.
If I don't she'll question where the relationship's going.
Then I've got to study for my finance final.
It's tomorrow at 1.
But after that, by all means, I should get you out by the weekend.
Assuming I can find the money in your room.
My credit cards are all kinda maxed out right now.
So you have to spend a couple of days in Kent's police station.
Is that supposed to be my fault?
I didn't tell you to go bar-hopping in the middle of finals week, when you knew I wasn't finished 'til Friday.
Nor did I tell you it'd be a good idea to go through the hotel construction after the bars closed.
Even drunk I'd know that wouldn't fly in this town.
Anyway, I'd call, but I figured jail's probably one of the few places where you're sure to get the morning paper.
If you ask nicely, they might let you have your phone for Tetris and Facebook.
At least until the battery runs out.
Oh, btw, I've gotta borrow your car to take Sarah to the airport.
Mine's acting up.
See you in a couple days.


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