ABS to Drop News from Its 'Channel 6 at Six' Newscast
by Marge Schultz
Morning Star Gazette
September 9, 2010

ABS Scranton announced that, starting Monday, the "Channel 6 at Six" newscast will no longer include regular news in the program.
"We just don't have time for it anymore," said 6 at Six news director Aaron Simpson.
The newscast will continue presenting sports, weather, celebrity gossip and opinion, but will remove standard reporting, or "bad news,"as polls show the public regards it.
ABS began "tweaking" its 6 at Six format after a study from Jones Research Institute indicated people wanted "cheerier" early-evening news.
"No one wants to be bummed out before dinner," said Simpson. "We get that."
ABS's own focus groups said they only liked hearing about the Scranton Slasher after dark, when they could "get their scare on."
Simpson said they still plan to run anxiety-inducing promos for the 11 o'clock news at six.
"We scare the shit out of them at 11," said Simpson, "and we still tell them all day long that their live depends on watching at 11."
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