Poli-Sci Major Gets to Third Base
During Third Presidential Debate
  cbby Steve Floyd
Post Kent Reporter
October 22, 2012


Sophomore Mitch Wellings, a political science major, was thrilled to give and receive oral sex with Jennifer Houston, a freshman, during the third and final presidential debate Monday night.
"It was awesome," said Wellings of the night in his Verder Hall dorm room.
Houston, who has yet to declare a major, disagreed.
"He told you about that?" she asked. "It wasn't that great. He didn't seem to know what he was doing."
Wellings, a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama, said he used his expertise to impress Houston into sexual activity.
"I kept telling her what was really going on, cutting through the lies and rhetoric," said Wellings.
"He was talking way too much. I only kissed him to shut him up," said Houston.
Wellings, who had pledged to spend all of his free time getting the president re-elected, now plans on trying to get Houston or some other co-ed back up to his room.



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