Why Spend $100 Million to Make a Movie When You Can Buy the Rights to a Finished One for $2 Million
rare gem films is a firm supporter of independent film festivals.
It's where we find some of our cheapest products, and some of them actually make us tens of millions of dollars.
It's how we offset the hundreds of millions of dollars we lose on big-star vehicles that nobody goes to see.
When stars do make independent movies, they usually do it for little or no money.
Some of these idiots- I mean, producers -actually put up their own money.
Sure, they get back-end points, but that's better than us risking our own money to make these pieces of cra- I mean, cutting-edge cinema.
It is kind of cruel to the truly independent directors, writers and actors who believe they've "made it" when their movie gets bought. Hollywood feels no need to actually hire these people, and tends to have more respect for porn stars.
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