'RoboNinja' production news

Gemstone Pics
Sells Cruise 'RoboNinja'
Rights for $1.00,
to Be Made Into
New Testament

Tom Lobbies for Robot's Citizenship,
'RoboNinja' Suspended Indefinitely

Will Ferrell Writes Tell-All About
RN Production, Tom's Antics

Tom Takes 15 Questions on RoboNinja
Tom Ruining J.J. Abrams' Career
RoboNinja Promotion Goes Awry

Early Kitana Promo Unit Causes Global Terror Scare
Tom Scaring
Off Kitana

but we're sure it's all being blown out of proportion more

Gemstone Acquires
Tom Cruise

Gemstone Pictures announced that Tom Cruise had signed on for a 13-picture deal.
Cruise’s salary is said to be “equal to the GNP of all of South America combined.” more

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