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Season 1 Episode Highlights

Be a Season 2 Fluffer!
1 Meet the competition; technique and style; Contest: "The Dancing Fingernails"
abs2 Contest: "A Golf Ball & Two Feet of Hose"; Guest Judge Katie Morgan Are you a talented young lady who really likes sex and sex-related activities?
Was your high-school boyfriend cruel and emotionally-detatched?
Did your deadbeat stepdad have "boundary" issues?
Do you lack the self-esteem to appear in front of the camera at a pornographic film shoot?
You could be America's Next Top Fluffer!
Beat the other girls and you could make a million dollars (for starring in your own adult film)!
3 Contests: "The Tongue Olympics" and "The Two-Finger Sneak"
abs4 Contest: "Be a Rim Master WHILE Holding the Boom Mic"; Guest Judge Jada Fire

abs5 Contest: "Half & Half in Half the Time"; Guest Judge Jenna Jameson
abs6 Contest: "Keeping Your Feet Out of the Shot"; Guest Judge Christy Canyon
abs7 Contest: "Craft Servicing Between Fluffs"; Guest Judge Bree Olson

abs8 Contest: "The Flacid Opponent"; Guest Judge Honey Wilder
abs9 Contest: "The Lollipop Shuffle"; Guest Judges Asia Carrera and Peter North