Enjoy Our Yummy QC Meat Products!

Quality Consumables Deeply Apologizes for the Zombie-Related, Mad-Cow Infested Beef Products

note:QC cows not grass-fed or free-range

is so YUMMY!

We deeply apologize for our mad-cow disease-tainted beef associated with this week's zombie outbreak.
We didn't mean to send infected meat products to grocers, restaurants, schools and prisons across North America.

Quality Consumables offers the most typical factory-farmed meats America has to offer.
We raise millions of cows, pigs and chickens in tightly-packed pens.
They don't move much, so we feed them steroids to bulk them up.
We put it in their feed, which is made from corn that we've already been subsidised to grow.
QC livestock spend most of their short lives marinating in each others' excrement.
But don't worry- we've pumped them full of antobiotics, so most stay alive until we kill them.
Then we send them to a meat-packing plant which mostly employs illegal immigrants.
We randomly hand a few over to the INS everyday so they leave us alone. Don't worry, there's alway more where they came from.
Don't worry about health and safety standards.
Sure, the FDA and OSHA regulations have stripped down over the past decade, but we're excellent at self-policing.

What's the best part of the cow, chicken or pig?
How about all of the little bits you failed to eat the first time around?
Here at IJI, we don't like any of our meat to go to waste.
Ergo, we use mechanical seperation to pry protein from bones and chemically reconstitute it into a meat-like substance that finds its way into much of the food you eat!



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