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Jones Petroleum is moving its headquarters to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. That's good news for our stockholders.
This will mean more centralized control of our global operations, particularly with the growing markets in China, Russia and India, while demonstrating our commitment to the Middle East.
Some might say this is abandoning the country where Jones Petroleum made its vast wealth with the help of tax breaks,

subsidies, unchecked price gauging, de-regulation of refinery standards, and over-regulation of station standards that bankrupted much of our competition.
The U.S. government even gave JP and its subsidiary, Contracted Mercenaries, Inc., unprescedented no-bid contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq, billions of which have yet to be accounted for.
These nay-sayers don't appreciate all of the benefits that America has reaped by having Jones Petroleum as a corporate tenant all of these years- benefits the Saudis won't likely take for granted.
In short- remember the good times.
And, of course, we'll still sell you fuel.
Jones Petroleum will remain a subsidiary of International Jones, Inc., an international conglomerate that has been based in the Cayman Islands since 1999.

Venezuelan Dictator Chavez
Seizes JP Oilfields

The vicious, fascist and probably cannablistic Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez betrayed decades-old business agreements when he took over JP oil facilities in the name of "nationalization."
"President Chávez has ordered us to take full control over the sovereignty of our oil, and we are doing that today," Venezuela's oil minister Rafael Ramirez told their one facist state television station.

Jones Petroleum:
Conerstone of an Empire

JP is more than just a highly-successful oil company.
It's the key to International Jones, Inc.'s ability to conquer any market it chooses.
Whether it's jet fuel for Air Jones, shipping Quality Consumables goods or the Electro Jones Superstores distribution network, IJI can always outbid and underprice the competition thanks to quality JP gas at a fraction of what those guys (or you) pay.
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