Improving Your Sad, Little Life

of Your
Kids !!!

Your family cell phone
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Keep Up with the Japanese!
Hey, JM subscribers! Do you have any idea how much more advanced Japan is? People on the streets of Tokyo have cell phones with built-in phasers and teleporters and shit we can't even imagine. Do your part to keep America on the same page as Japan- buy a new cell phone every year. Don't wait 'til that contract is up! Be a patriot! Buy the latest, trendiest phone with internet and music videos or whatever the fuck else we've got this week.

So What If We're Saving Your Old Text Messages?

Cell phones now cause
more accidents than alcohol!

That Bitch Whitney Can
Facebook in Studyhall.

Why Can't you?

Texting while driving
kills even more!

hey there,
our prepaid
cell phones
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Sexting makes you cool!

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