The JM Photo-Retention Initiative


Welcome to the Jones Mobile family, subscriber!
We strive to deliver exceptional service and state-of-the-art phones at affordable prices.
Jones Mobile also connects you to the world in ways other cell phone companies can't offer.
Any company can give you a smart phone that downloads The Morning After Post, but can their phones add pictures to it?
Any phone company can stream DNN, but will they stream your video on DNN like us?
You see, as per your user agreement, you're now part of the JM Photo-Retention Initiative.
That means any pictures or videos you take on your JM phone remains the property of our parent company, IJI, and they reserve the right to upload and use whatever they find on there.
That way, IJI gets free content and you get to be part of the media!
It helps us keep a watchful eye on all of our subscribers, too.
Now you be a good little subscriber.

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