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Years of I.T. Research & Development are now touching every aspect of our lives.

in partnership with our sister company PharmaJones
Cerebral Stenography Tech
bridging mind and microchip
The Green Tumor Cure is Here!
That's right, Integrated Tech has developed an implantable microchip that cures the green tumor epidemic!
Pay no attention to those absurd accusations that we created this plague with our sister company, Jones Mobile, to cure it for an abundant profit...


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Coming Soon- The Cure for AIDS!
IT BioSolutions is curing AIDS by blowing up HIV until they're big enough to work on.
To that end, we're infecting steroid-infused stem cells so they grow at an exponential rate.
Soon the virus will be big enough to not only research, but operate on...
Cerebral Stenography Chip
Research into neural-molecular manipulation for war drones has given IT the ability to digitally read thoughts, feelings and emotions.
With an implanted chip, subjects can transcribe and transmit their thoughts.
We expect this to lead to a whole new field of patents- er, I mean- innovation.


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Coming Soon- LONGER LIFE!
We're close to cracking the human biological clock.
IT BS is finding new ways to suspend and refresh living tissue in subspace, even suspending cells between life and death.
Soon, we could render our customers near immortal! What could go wrong?

Cerebral Stenography Cam
While it's incredibly complicated digitally translating brainwaves, it's actually pretty easy to just take a snapshot from the optic nerve.
So any subject with a CS Chip also has a CS Cam, the personal and professional camcorder of the future.
Some columnists for our sister company already use the CS Cam.


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Strengthening Immunity Through Genetic Engineering!
We can now swap, massage or terrify strains of genes into behaving differently, sometimes with only chemicals.
We're testing drugs that could possibly tell your genes to boost your immune system by over 400%, maybe more...
The SureCheck 3000
These voting machines uses CS Technology to determine what voters really want, not which screen box they accidentally grazed or some flashy candidate they fell for at the last minute. more


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The Cerebral Stenography Promise
Integrated Technologies knows this is pretty powerful stuff, but we promise to never use digital access to the human brain against our customers or the American people, military or government.
As we diligently self-police ourselves in this matter, we hope you can trust Integrated Tech and all IJI subsidiaries.

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