Now Expanding I.T. Sales to
Asian & Middle Eastern
Military Regimes

Weapons from the Cold War
Fueling 21st Century Wars,
Need for New I.T. Weapons

With conflict spanning the globe, it would be myopic to only produce defense systems for the wars America needs to wage.
With that in mind, we've established contracts with Middle Eastern powers, including Saudi Arabia, Isreal, Kuwait, Egypt and Quatar.
We're also looking at the conflicts between India & Pakistan, China & Taiwan, Russia & Georgia, and North and South Korea as potential cash cows.
Don't worry- we're certain our weapons will only hurt evil-doers who bought weapons from our competitors.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, one of the biggest arsenals in history went up for sale on both the black and open markets.
On the American side, we (and by "we" I mean President Reagan, and by "President Reagan" I mean Vice President Bush, Sr.) secretly traded Iran weapons for hostages as well as selling them to sponsor our secret war in Nicaragua.

"We" also gave weapons, money and training to Cold War "allies" like Osama bin Laden, to keep Afganhistan from falling to Russia's commie influence, and Sadam Hussein, to defeat the Iranians we had just armed.
Since Reagan's genius plan to bankrupt the Soviets through an arms race created a $100 billion arms industry in America, the economy and defense budget required the government continue to buy billions in new defense systems and sell the old ones to our allies, whoever they may be at the time.


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