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Conquering the 21st Century via Intellectual Property Rights

IJI didn't get to be the world's largest conglomerate by doing things the same way as everybody else.
We're innovators, always looking for a new approach.
With so much of the world going digital, we know the future is going to be controlled by those with the best copyright protection and most aggressive licensing agreements.
One of the best examples of this is the Jones Mobile Photo-Retention Initiative.
Since 2004, Jones Mobile has offered subscribers affordable camera phones on one condition-
We retain ownership of any images or videos captured on any JM phone.
This has revolutionized the way JMG gathers content.
With eyes and ears across the country, the JMG News Service only has to employ one professional photographer.
Everyday, DNN, The Morning After Post and our other outlets fill airtime and column inches with content provided free of charge.
Not only that- we get to see what all of our subscribers are up to!
It's nice to know that if any of them get up to anything we don't like- er, anything illegal, our partners in law enforcement are just a call or click away.


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