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So everyone thinks it's time to reform the American health-care system.
But before you go and try to do something really radical, let's take a moment to stop and catch our breath.
You don't want to end up with some communist rationing, do you?
No, of course you don't . . . more

You know, it's not our fault the cost of health-care has skyrocketed- it's the lawyers.
In this culture of litigation, everyone has gotten sue-happy and it hurts our bottom line.
Of course, we've got better lawyers than the litigious plaintiffs, and a lot more of them.
you're no
longer JHA
Have You Checked It Out
on the Web Yet?

Hey- feeling a little ill?
Don't waste time on a costly visit to the doctor, just look it up on the internet.
You're lucky enough to live in a time when the whole of human knowledge is at your fingertips.
With sites like WebMD, you can be your own doctor, and save us the trouble.
Look- sometimes HMOs need to drop people.
It's nobody's fault.
These things just happen.
It doesn't help to dwell on the time we did cover you.
That was before your pre-existing condition, or you used up too much money or you got old . . . more

Updates in Technology Will Help Us Rake You Over the Coals Even More Efficiently
Health-care System
Quality by Country

1. France 2. Italy
3. San Marino
4. Andorra
5. Malta 6. Singapore 7. Spain
8. Oman 9. Austria 10. Japan
11. Norway 12. Portugal 13. Monaco 14. Greece 15. Iceland
16. Luxembourg 17. Netherlands
18. United Kingdom 19. Ireland
20. Switzerland 21. Belgium
22. Colombia 23. Sweden 24. Cyprus 25. Germany 26. Saudi Arabia 27. United Arab Emirates 28. Israel 29. Morocco 30. Canada 31. Finland
32. Australia 33. Chile 34. Denmark 35. Dominica 36. Costa Rica

37. United States of America
38. Slovenia 39. Cuba 40. Brunei
41. New Zealand 42. Bahrain
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