Daniel Tosh Still Trying to Get
"Sandusky" to Catch on As a Verb
  hsby Heather Styles
October 16, 2012


Controversial clip show host and comedian Daniel Tosh has been campaigning for six weeks, to no avail, to get the verb "Sandusky" into the American lexicon.
"Come on, people, don't sandusky me up here!" he yelled at a Tosh.0 studio audience not going along with the premise.
While many Americans are trying to put Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State child-abuse scandal out of their memories, Tosh is trying to keep it in the collective conscience.
"I think he still wants to joke about rape and molestation, but doesn't want to use those words," said Jamie Masada, owner of Laugh Factory comedy club in L.A.
"Fine- don't laugh," said a frustrated Tosh to a late show club audience.
"I hope you all get sanduskied on the way home."

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