'America's' Judges 'Unsure' If They Want to See Casey Anthony's Talent

hs by Heather Styles
August 8, 2011
The celebrity panel of judges for this season of "America's Got Talent" has expressed uncertainty as to whether they want alleged child murderer Casey Anthony on the show.
"We're just a bit unsure if we really want to see what her talent is," said Sharon Osbourne.
Concern was also expressed about Anthony's would-be assistant.
"Why does she need to bring a toddler on stage?" asked Howie Mandel.
Anthony's application requests she be allowed to bring a high school friend's four-year-old daughter, Darla Dawson, as a her assistant.
"I don't see what all the fuss's about," said Becky Dawson, mother Darla. "Casey was acquitted. And she promised to bring Darla back in one piece."
Though the judges disapprove, the Anthony appearance is still likely due to corporate pressures.
"Those NBC executives are salivating at the thought of their best ratings since Seinfeld," said Osbourne.
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