No One Notices Sisq Boycott SXSW Festival

wh by Tex Spurlock
Post Austin Reporter
March 18, 2011
Thousands of people who've attended this year's South By Southwest Festival failed to notice Sisq protesting the event outside the W Hotel.
"This used to be about about the music, art and an exchange of ideas," said Sisqó, former MTV star, "now it's all gone corporate."
Sisqó has spoken sporadically throughout the week, according to hotel staff.
"He would dance to the 'Thong Song' or a Dru Hill single, then give an incoherent speech to spectators," said Rick Mattlen, W valet, "Then he'd change his wardrobe in a little tent on the sidewalk and do it again. It was funny the first day. Now it's just sad."
"I will be heard by the establishment!" insisted Sisqó. "Music doesn't belong to the suits at the labels!"
"Who?" asked a SXSW intern when questioned about Sisqó. "Oh, that guy. He's just salty no one will let him in the gifting suites."

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