Charlie Sheen Reveals Antics Were Part of Decade-long Mockumentary

Friday's multi-state police chase actually the climax to "Free Frall"  
kim by Charles Kim
Post Los Angeles Reporter
March 3, 2011

Shortly after Charlie Sheen's three-state police chase and arrest Thursday, Warner Brothers announced it had wrapped principle photography of "Free Fall," a cutting edge mockumentary they started with Sheen in 1999.
"I wanted to make a fake documentary where real people thought they were interacting with a rich, crazy celebrity." said Sheen.
Sheen thought the key to his alter-ego's believability was years of patience.
"I knew the hidden cameras were on me 24/7," he said, "It was a lot of pressure to do drugs and act like an asshole."
Sheen said he worried launching the sitcom "Two and a Half Men," a show within a show, would give away the mockumentary's schtick.
"I couldn't believe that no one noticed I was playing a womanizer named Charlie both daily and in the sitcom," said Sheen, "It was a meta-mindfuck."
Sheen said the primetime character's antics made him feel the need to "crazy-up" his "real life."
"CBS's Charlie couldn't do coke or high-priced call girls," he said, "but 'Off-screen Charlie' could."
Sheen said the run-ins with the law, addiction and fatherhood were worth the four DVD seasons.
"Take that, Joaquine- I mean, JP." Sheen said.
"Free Fall - Part 1" hits stores March 15.

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