20th Century Fox Greenlights
Six-Picture 'Parker Lewis' Deal


kim by Charles Kim
Post Los Angeles Reporter
August 14, 2012
20th Century Fox announced Monday its $750 million dollar deal to make six films based on the 1990's Fox series "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" over the next eight years.
"We can't lose, right?" quipped Oren Aviv, Fox's chief marketing officer.
The announcement comes in the wake of Fox celebrating a $35 million opening weekend success with its adaptation of "21 Jump Street."
"Purely coincidental," said Aviv.
Rumors are circulating that Justin Beiber has been offered the title role, on the condition that he would don Parker's signature hairdo.
"We thought of making him black," said Aviv, "but a white kid can get away with more."
"Parker Lewis" was largely considered a "Ferris Beuller" ripoff, and debuted the same month as NBC's doomed "Bueller" TV adaptation.
"Parker Lewis" ran from 1990 to 1993, 12 times longer than the average show on the then fledgeling Fox network.
Sources indicate that Fox is also scripting film adaptations of "Sliders" and "The New Adventures of Bean Baxter."
is this the next
Parker Lewis?

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