Brendan Fraser Threatens
Another 'Mummy' Sequel



by Heather Styles
April 18, 2011



Hollywood insiders confirmed Thursday that Brendan Fraser, if not occupied with another project soon, will inflict another 'Mummy' sequel on the American movie-going audience.
"I don't think he's kidding," said Fraser’s publicist Ina Treciokas. "he'll do it, regardless of how many people he hurts."
Fraser, star of green-screen vehicles like "Monkeybone," "Inkheart" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth," isn't getting as many, or any, of the dramatic roles as he'd like these days.
"He's distraught that Nick Cage keeps taking all the films
the public might be able

to take him seriously in," said Treciokas.
Fraser's also shown open resentment for Noah Wyle.
"I could of been the Librarian," he's been known to mutter.
Universal Pictures, which has made $1.25 billion* off the "Mummy" franchise, is powerless to deny Fraser another sequel in the current economy.
"We can't afford to stop him," said Debbie Liebling, Universal's VP in charge of development.
Co-star Rachel Weisz was unavailable for comment, as she was recovering from "accidentally" over-dosing on sleeping pills.



*that's not counting the spin-off 'Scorpion
King' film trilogy- that's right, we said trilogy