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'Nice Guy' Tom Hanks Arrested for Dogfighting
by Charles Kim
Post Los Angeles Reporter
October 4, 2009

Hollywood's most-liked actor/director Tom Hanks was arraigned on charges of cruelty-to-animals for dogfighting in an L.A. courtroom Monday morning.
"Everybody needs to blow off steam," an intoxicated Hanks said while being arrested Saturday night.
"Puppy-killer!" protesters shouted outside the courthouse Monday.
"What would Hooch say?" one sign read.
"Do you think this will affect the Toy Story 3 opening?" Hanks joked outside the courthouse.
Disney had no comment.
"I always thought Tom was a nice guy," said former star Meg Ryan, "but I guess he's really an asshole."
In addition to dogfighting, the Splash star is also being probed for his connection to a Korean deli.
"Tom had that deli cater Angels & Demons," said director Ron Howard. "Oh, God- what did we eat?"
Many in the media have speculated as to whether or not Hanks will receive special treatment in sentencing.
"White boy better get two years," said Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

'What would
Hooch Say?'

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