HBO Greenlights 'Sopranos' Movie
with CGI'd James Gandolfini
  dmby Doug Mayfield
Post Los Angeles
June 24, 2013


After years of stalling and waning interest, HBO has announced a "Sopranos" movie in the wake of lead star James Gandolfini's death.
"Ironically, it took Jim's death to renew interest in the project," said series creator David Chase.
The studio plans to use footage of Gandolfini from the 172 hours of the Sopranos' seven seasons.
"And some shots will be straight-up CGI," said Chase.
Gandolfini's Tony Soprano will then be "Forrest Gumped" in with the rest of the cast.
"They told us it will all be shot in front of green screens," said Michael Imperioli, who played the show's volatile Christopher.
"Whatever- beats Jersey."
Gandolfini's surviving family have reservations about the postumous role.
"I just don't know," said wife Deborah Lin. "But I am sure Jim would have commanded eight figures for it."


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