Reality Series Sets Records for Viewership, Complaints



by Lindsey Quinn
Post Manhattan Reporter
August 8, 2010

ABS's new primetime reality series, "America's Next Top Fluffer," has, in just two episodes, set television records for viewership and number of complaints registered with the show's network.
The show, which forces porn production assistants to compete for a million dollars, has already had more Americans watch it than all NFL Superbowls combined.
"Over 200 million people have watched it," said Gary Holmes, Neilson spokesperson. "We didn't think that many people had TVs."
The ad revenue from one episode is believed to cover ABS's 2010 annual budget.
"We thought we'd come up with every way to pass porn off as reality TV," said Marc Gordon, head of development for HBO, "so- kudos."
The success, however, has come with enough complaints to jam the ABS switchboard in Jones Tower for the past week and a half.
"I don't see what the problem is," said ABS spokesperson Felicia Koonce.
"They're showing porn on primetime!" said Leon J. Weil, Parents Television Council chairman.
The 15 female contestants compete behind the scenes of pornographic film shoots.
"We blur out the naughty bits," said Koonce.
"It's obvious what the girls are doing with their hands and mouths!" said Weil. "It's glorifying them defiling themselves with strangers!"
"These girls are okay with that," rebutted Koonce.
ABS shows no intent of cancelling the series.
In fact, they have established a new complaints department in New Jersey and hired 1,200 new employees to answer calls.
Bravo and Logo are said to be in a bidding war for the rights to an all-male spin-off.

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