Is P.F. Jones?

FCC Bans

by Jennifer Cox
Post Manhattan Reporter

The Federal Communications Commission announced Monday that it was calling for a moretoreum on songs by the band Metallica on American radio stations.
"This is for the good of the industry," said FCC spokesperson Tracy Waldon. "Every last station has agreed to comply voluntarily. All of them."
Waldon said the move was purely economic in nature.
"The problem is that Metallica was so overplayed on every rock format," Waldon said, "that everyone got sick of them. Smashmouth, too."
Smashmouth, you may recall, was banned in 2007.
"People were turning off their radios, or worse- tuning to talk radio."
The FCC may be right.
Following the announcement, demand for radio ad time went up 500%.
"We doubled our ad rate fifteen minutes into it," said Lex Stewart, vice president in charge of advertising at WABS Radio Manhattan.
Metallica was unavailable for comment.
The move, while appearing to be effective, may have set an extreme prescedent.
"ZZ Top and Aerosmith have already asked us to cutback on their playtime," Stewart said.

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