'Fashion Police' Turns
Vigilante Death Squad

hs by Heather Styles
September 8, 2011
Joan Rivers and the cast of the E! Channel's "Fashion Police" were arrested Thursday in connection to 17 grizzly murders in Los Angeles.
"We set those fashion victims free!" insisted a visibly drunk Rivers at her arraignment.
The trouble started last Friday when E! informed the cast that it was canceling "Fashion Police."
"After all I did for those dicks!"said Giuliana Rancic, still looking stunning in her orange jumpsuit. "I just had to kill someone."
After spending the holiday weekend drinking and brooding, the TV personalities took to the streets, allegedly slaying those guilty of fashion fauxpas.
"We noticed all the victims were wearing white slacks after Labor Day," said LAPD Sergeant Vic Talia, "it was pretty simple to figure out after that."
The victims include five producers, four life consultants, three lawyers, two directors, two dentists, and a doorman required to wear a white uniform.
The FP cast will likely spend the rest of their lives in prison, but fans need not fret-
One of the conditions for the foursome's full confession was a new E! spin-off, "Fashion Lockdown."
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