Mixed Giftbag
for "Ulterior Vows" Cast
at this Year's
Emmy Awards

by Heather Styles

The ABS program "Ulterior Vows" swept all six Emmy catagories for which it was nominated Sunday night.
"This is such a dream come true," said Catherine Zeta-Jones as she accepted her Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Dramatic Series.
The evening didn't go as well for other "Vows" stars.
Elisha Dushku, who portrays Lisia Cross, a high-school teacher who continually seduces her students into killing for her, had a very different night at the Emmys.
Dushku, who was not nominated for an award, was confronted on the red carpet and had an $8,000 Vera Wang ball gown ruined by members of the Guardians of Time, a splinter-cell of the Pro-Life Action League who oppose the damage being done to history by Chrone Osphere and P.F. Jones.
"This is the blood of the time-line!" yelled the protesters as they threw buckets of New Coke on Dushku.
The Guardians of Time had previously launched protests and boycotts on the Jones Media Group, which owns The Morning After Post, and its parent company, International Jones, Inc.
The attack on Dushku was their most public demonstration to date.
"That's so unfortunate," said Zeta-Jone upon hearing of the incident. "No one wears Vera Wang anymore."
"Catherine's award was bullshit, anyway," said Dushku. "She's not the lead- we're an ensemble cast."

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