Gemstone Pictures Acquires
Tom Cruise in 13 Film Deal


by Heather Styles

November 18, 2006

'They say I can
play a pirate,
an astronaut
and a cowboy!'

Is P.F. Jones?

Gemstone Pictures announced at a Saturday press conference that mega star Tom Cruise had signed on for a 13-picture deal.
“I sat down with P.F. yesterday and he just had this energy about him,” Cruise said at the press conference. “I knew I wanted to make movies with this guy.”
P.F. Jones could not be located for comment.
While Cruise’s compensation was for an undisclosed amount, a lawyer for Gemstone Pictures, a subsidiary of the Jones Media Group, said it, “was equal to the gross national products of all of South America combined.”
After his highly-publicized break-up with Paramount, the studio Cruise has earned billions for over the past 14 years, many speculated which studio he would turn to, if not establish his own.
Cruise had announced last week that he had partnered with MGM to run United Artists with his long-time co-producer Paula Wagner, but noted it would be a "part-time job" to him.
Under the agreement, Cruise can choose any role or script that he wants.
“They say I can play a pirate, an astronaut and cowboy,” Cruise said.
Furthermore, up to three of the movies can be with rare gem films, Gemstone's independent picture division.
“If I do an indie, it can be a head-trip movie with lots of sex,” Cruise said.
Cruise fueled speculation that wife Katie Holmes may appears in one or more of his Gemstone films.
“Oh, you can count on it,” Cruise said. “I’ve got her under multiple contracts.”
He then laughed for several minutes by himself.

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