Bill Cosby Reveals He's Slept
with Seven First Ladies




  sbkby Selena B. Kim
Digital News Network
November 22, 2013


Comedian, actor and author William H. Cosby, PhD, shocked the world Friday morning on DNN when he announced that he had slept with seven first ladies.
"I apologize to my lovely wife, Camille, for any pain caused by my indiscretions," said Cosby, "but the world needs to know what I've accomplished before I die."
Cosby claims to have photographic evidence of most altercations.
"Don't none of you deny it!" the 76-year-old insisted. "Remember, I've still got the Polaroids!"
He said he met many of the women as comedy groupies throughout his life.
"Hillary and Nancy put the moves on me when they were First Ladies of Arkansas and California, respectively," said Cosby.
Cosby claims to have seduced a young Michelle Robinson and Laura Welch on college comedy tours.
"I love college girls," Cosby said nostalgically.
He recalls being summoned to the Meditteranean by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1974, ostensibly to perform.
"The real performance was later that night in the guest villa," said Cosby.
Cosby includes one First Lady of France on the list, Carla Bruni.
"I met her backstage at a benefit in 1988, where she was a model. I just knew her as the Versace girl."
Bruni went on to marry French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008.
The only first lady Cosby claims to have slept with while in office was Eleanor Carter.
"I was a big fan of President Carter, and didn't want to do it," he said.
"But she came into the Lincoln bedroom and said either I sleep with her or she'll tell everyone I raped her. I had no choice."
Many have speculated that Cosby's announcement is a stunt to maximize his new comedy special's premier on Comedy Central Saturday and DVD/BluRay release Tuesday.


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