Conan O'Brien
He Hated
on TV
by Heather Styles
November 9, 2010

Seven minutes into shooting the pilot of his new TBS late night talk show, "Conan," host Conan O'Brien realized that he had always secretly hated performing on television.
"What the fuck was I thinking?" Conan asked while hyperventilating behind the curtain during the first commercial break.
"At least at NBC I got paid more to hate my life," he told a production assistant.
Conan said he had been pressured into taking the offer by his wife and once-and-future co-host, Andy Richter.
"Andy kept calling and shouting stuff outside my window," he recalled. "he said Amy was going to leave him if he didn't get a gig."
Conan said the only thing worse that the anxiety and self-hatred that comes with hosting a talk show is the guilt of knowing he's given George Lopez's show a new lease on life.
"I can't believe they used me to keep that hack on."
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